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The 5-minute pitch.

Writing it, and pitching it in a lift, or anywhere else.

Sometimes, after your 5-10 pages are written in fire, edited in coal, and solidified with amber, your idea has up and run off with another. So, tracking the pathway to speed, and social innovation - tech, marketing & importantly communications - is crucial to getting your ideas up, about and flying out to above and beyond the iCloud.

As a trial-by-fire, advertising freak of a twenty-something media addict, data sometimes predicates most of the things we stand - or have stood for - no one is going to read your BIO, that 4-page ancient thing called the CV or bother to take up 20 minutes fiddling about with a website that scrolls to 12-15 other links and pages or platforms.

I have pitched high and low, for clients, in front of both massive (client & board meetings) audiences as well as just for revalidas (school/training...

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In love with the em-dash.

Punctuation obsessed. We all have that phase in life.

The writer in me came out not with my first job as a copywriter, but in junior high school - with a cool smooth white electronic thermal paper-fed electric Brother typewriter that i used to write with for the yearbook/ school paper/ english term-sheets/ science stuff, in my nerdy science high school. Even if it typed so silently - no noisy clanging of keys to carbon roll, and the messy switching of ink tape, and the visceral smell of the banged carbon transfer if you made carbon copies under the original white document. There is something to be said about my historical attraction, and leaning towards the minimalist lines and not the romance of the Underwood typewriters, that line the vintage book shoppes and go for (now) more than what my japanese one was worth. And so my obsession with the sleek design anatomises what technology...

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What’s a nation built for samurais and warriors with fleets of paper trail digitally handling the rise of the multi-million dollar idea ecosystem? There are ideas, and there are the platforms and places to dot the i’s, circle the o’s, and cross the t’s. So far, word has it that these agreements, and ordinarily the episodes that forward the thoughts that formulate and seal, the mere jots on paper might be the only trail that exists long after the signees / signatory/ idea-owners are long gone.

When we have them - these fleeting electrodes passing through the mylar cavity of what is our brain on a real-time drip dosage of life, the only witnesses are the actual brave pages you have imprinted yourself upon. So step back: yourself is defined as the collective of paper/ digital footprints? Some pseudo existentialists might quickly up in arms on that thought, and...

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When you need to de-clutter, the last thing you need are a lot of toolbars, or as i call them, Toolbards. They aim to help, but distract when we get lost in buttons. Sometimes, there are days when the HTML5 format has me going “this is super ferrari awesome”, and days when on iOS 7, i go: wait that icon is now lost in some box because of the “slippery scroll”, and i have to go to step 1 all over again. (I realise this blog might not be a github/ dev-rant page that i should be posting this to instead, but i have a point, promise.) I need a more cognitive evolution that i recognise as “evolved” - meaning soothingly transfers me from pain to comfort to pleasure. Think there is a path that the OSX wants to track us towards - to a more device-friendly evolutionary iOS for everything gone mobile. But i don’t think as a macbook lover, i can easily make that non-touch transfer just yet - it’s...

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Super • Serendipity

Sometimes life can be a little impossible. Today, it just dawns on me, that life is more than impossible, it was not meant to be. If you see all the little details and string the how-can-that-be, it just wasn’t at all probable that we are living and breathing and growing by the day.

Why are we eating at most on a meager salary that compounds our mounting senselessness? And allowing this little detail of poverty and sordid acceptance of the circumstance that we live in as building entrepreneurs with the limited resource of only the 24 hours to build, eat, write, succinctly edit, mash-up, drill-down, cook, bake, socialise, events-drive, Facebook, network, tweet, influence, harpoon down the improbabilities of funnelling funds from another business, and avoiding all the different diversions of having circumspect consultative team, only reachable by Skype, or Whatsapp or iMessage. And allow...

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the mad dash to oh, wow.

I have never been appalled at the number of people who are still affected and concerned about academic upgrades, or work status, or career expansions, or what is it that you do, since like, (oh joy) high school.

What the heck is up with that? If i were to say “oh, i am a blogger”, does it merit a look up and down as if i were some worm that crawled out of the topsoil of the earth? Is “content uploader” not written on resumes? Is “writer” a dirty dirty word? I was tempted to say, “i am no one, a nobody, a vessel of some up yours of a genetic aberration that the great omega sent down to annoy people”. I wasn’t too worried about the up and down - having been in some of the best (read sometimes as “snobby”) schools meant that i was impervious to them. But having encountered it now, in an entrepreneurial age of enlightenment, even to this day & age, is downright funny.

I guess the rapid...

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Co-creating space and time.

What’s really challenging about being faced with a blank page is not having an outline, to be able to guide you to fill them correctly with the right stance, place the right words, and gear them to make the right point. (And if at all).

These challenges are then replicated towards becoming the next plausible space-and-time filler where the occasional need to meander is actually part of the process. Much like a runner’s muscles are submitted to a requisite amount of pain and stress in order for it to get used to the push and pull that is optimally needed to paint the pavements blue, sometimes it is in the crucial period of rest that gets us going to the finish line.

After numerous encounters with several entrepreneurs, whether they were in someone else’s business, or entirely on their own - they have the most common of concerns: what is it that you do? The life lived of a person is...

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I get really excited with clean, simple design that speaks directly to you. Like all designs, the shape and form that the immediate surroundings take in your hands, are more far-reaching than writing descriptively for hours. When i get tools in my hands for shaping them: with paint brushes, crochet sticks, pins & needles, scissors, spatula, things that help manipulate the materials, the tools become part of the product, as they involve themselves in the process of building something that continues the legacy of thought.

It’s amazing to see something so abstract become something concrete, and relatable, and that formation is like an embryo hidden in the womb, only to reveal itself when it’s fully termed and ready to crown.

This starting of a new blog excites me - as i look forward to the day that i can integrate all the content that i’ve made, and upload & migrate them, very elegantly...

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